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Craft Storage Furniture & Organizer Cabinets

Best Craft Room Cabinets And OrganizersOur Best Craft Room Cabinets and Organizers offer flexible, customizable storage options for all of your arts, crafts and hobby supplies including:

  Craft Supplies Scrapbooking Paper
  Beads Ribbons
  Needlework Leatherwork
  Model Parts Home Office Supplies
  And Much More!  

This collection of craft storage furniture is modular and can be fully customized to fit any room size and to accommodate all kinds of craft supplies, accessories and hobby crafts.

The furniture, desks, drawers, craft room cabinets and organizers can be repurposed at any time and customized for various drawer heights, drawer insert organizers and craft shelving. Best of all our craft storage furniture is attractive in design and built to last. offers factory direct pricing on all our Best craft room storage cabinets and organizers!

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Types of Craft Storage Furniture

Our Best Organizer craft room furniture storage products include the following modular components:

Craft Desk Storage

Portable Craft Room Storage

The TuckAway craft storage cart on wheels is the perfect addition to our Crafter’s Desk or your own desk. This piece of craft storage furniture discreetly fits under a desk and can be pulled out when needed. This is also a great work station for your printer.

Craft Desk & Hutch Storage

Desk craft storage furniture brings everything together. This craft desk features built in craft storage cabinets and organizer drawers plus an optional hutch kit with more shelves and craft drawers to maximize your space and storage. Choose from a high quality white, walnut or maple finish. If you already have a craft storage desk that you wish to continue using you can, because our craft storage solutions are designed to still be compatible!

Craft Storage Carts on Wheels

Craft Storage Cabinet and Shelves

These triple wide craft storage cabinets and organizer shelves are designed for serious crafters! At 39.25” high and 41” wide, this craft storage cabinet features the most storage space with three columns and over 90 spaces to add craft drawers and paper shelves. Order this craft storage furniture as a kit (which includes the cabinet and a selection of craft drawers and shelf inserts) or order “a-la-carte” in order to fully customize the size of craft organizer drawers you need.

Craft Storage Carts on Wheels - Stackable

Smaller in size, the single and double craft storage cabinets are built on sturdy casters making these craft storage carts ultra-portable. At 28” tall the single craft storage cart features up to 19 spaces. The double craft storage cart is 52” tall and features up to 38 spaces. Within the available spaces you can choose your combination and configuration of 1”, 2” or 3 1/2” craft storage drawers and paper shelves.

Portable Craft Room Storage

Extra Craft Room Storage Accessories

BestOrganizers has worked hard to add valuable storage containers and organizers to compliment the above storage furniture and to further keep everything in its place. This includes PortaINK, Ribbon spool storage and Dazzle Caddy plus divided drawer inserts.

Our Craft Storage Furniture Money Back Guarantee

All of our craft storage cabinets are custom engineered and built with precision. We strive to maintain only the highest levels of customer satisfaction and loyalty. In fact over half of our customers come back and buy additional storage furniture from us to add to their craft room.

All of our craft room storage cabinets and organizers come with a limited one year warranty which includes the entire product including components and hardware. We also offer a full 30-day money back guarantee.

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To find out more about Best Craft Room Cabinets and Organizers from Best Organizers, please:

  Call Toll Free: 1-855-EZ Craft (392-7238)
  Contact: Best Craft Storage Furniture Cabinets